The solver of artwork request for space

Provide all-round service

Service is an attitude. We keep concentrating on providing service of artwork for high-end projects, including five stars hotels, exclusive chambers, shopping malls, 4A office buildings, and landscapes etc.. We’ll provide comprehensive artwork proposal according to the overall style and the inside & outside environment for the project, improving the importance of the artwork for the space, and providing one-stop service from the design, production, transportation to installation until the end of the project.

Unique original artwork

Artists are the designer. Each original artwork is created by artists by analyzing the specific project and the certain environment, and using their skilled technique and craft to finish it, which includes the whole essences artists think about the artwork, and is created by taking everything into consideration. When the artwork goes to the post production period, the artist who’s also the designer will be the supervisor as well to ensure the artwork could be presented perfectly in the end.

Professional creation team

Creation team is the most important asset for our company. We pay attention to building and completing our artists creation team, as a result, we have top level designers in nationwide, who are professional and with expansive vision, having comprehensive technique skills and can rein different art styles, they are all recognized by public. We have a group of full-time artists who are dare to devote themselves to new things, and can create artworks adapting to the space and environment. We have dozens of signed artists, who have different focus on artwork style, but still can execute creations under our integrated control for a project.

Clinging pursuance for art

Art is a process needs to be pursued continuously. Our artist all have profound cultural background and abundant experience, mastering painting on landscape painting, feature, flower & birds, abstraction, fresco, totem, and pottery, sculpture, installation etc., almost include all main stream craft. They not only possess the traditional art skill, but also keep close eyes to the international art trends to combine the essence of Chinese & western culture together, presenting their understanding and pursuance for art by purer and simpler linellae and colors.

Impeccable project management

Impeccable management is critical for a project. From the start, our artists will be involved in the project to help which move more smoothly, and accelerate the communication and feedback among us and client, management company, interior designer. When design proposal is confirmed, the production will be executed immediately by production base we cooperated with under the supervision of artists, and artworks will be installed according with client’s request.

Qualified production flow

Production flow certified by practice. We accumulated a pack of association units of production base in nationwide and abroad, who stand out in the industry they are on craft and technique and an unimpeded collaboration have built between us. The production units could understand the intention of artworks, and produce in accordance with design proposal to assure the artwork effect.

Our philosophy

Let art perfect service for the life

  • Interior + Architecture + Art = Art Projects
  • Works of art is an art of science. Each building will have a different design requirements and functional zoning, which requires us to see from the whole, while also considering the differences between spaces, which means not only reserve unique design for art works, but also seek a holistic approach in the changing.
    Today, tacit combination of art and space - many outstanding art works are no longer a beautiful picture, a dazzling sculpture, but the entire space. Good art should be integrated with the entire space, which requires us to know more.
    The artwork will no longer be a just works, and will be a piece of space art by artists and architects, interior design - we call it “Art Projects”.
  • the constant pursuit of art and innovation
  • Modern Art and the gradual integration of the fashion consumer culture, painting and decoration gradually blurred the boundaries, so that people will want to believe that “painting demise”. However, this is the extension of painting forms in this period, as people sees consumption as a form of entertainment, the painting itself is an entertainment; painting is still moving forward between the rational and the irrational.
    With the accelerated acknowledge to the world, painting also need to learn and explore, but whenever, only to create new forms, the painting will have the contents of the era. In the same time, the painting has triggered people's inner desires and fantasies, which represents the drawing’s inner truth and aesthetic ideology ahead of its time.
    Inner desires and fantasy composes the nature of the painting game, creating thousands of forms is the process of painting game, regardless of the art world is what kind of state we are enthusiastic.
  • We are committed to WRITE in the space
  • Create infinity in limited space, and back to authenticity from unlimited thinking. It’s not just for decoration in a space, but to deliver a quality to people, luxury or romantic, poetic or classic. What we are doing is create the space as a drama, making people feel a story expressed by it. A good artwork can be the focus of the space with carrying the spirit of which, and present the owner’s taste. Artworks with good looking but lack of connotation maybe can attract people’s eyes at the moment, but just will disappear in one minute, but on the contrary, artworks with spirit can be remembered for quite a long time. We always believe that if you want a space impress people, you should have a good “writer” first.

Projects we did

We always target at high-end

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