1. Research
Communication makes everything simple.

Each building tells a story. We embrace this belief by communicating with architects and interior designers at the conceptual stage of projects in the very beginning to make sure that our artworks become part of their story.  

Based on the overall design concept of the space as well as its cultural background, we provide a customized art proposal. Meanwhile, our team will study the sites to confirm feasibility of artwork installation and placement.

2. Design

Artists begin their design on the basis of previous analysis and research, using their most familiar crafts and techniques while staying mindful of issues that could come up later during production and installation.

Once a preliminary concept is confirmed, we will provide a complete in-depth design plan which contains locations of artwork, visual rendering, material, craft and technique and installation method. If any questions arise, we will communicate repeatedly with clients until all details are confirmed.
3. Production

When a project enters executing phase, our artists either become producers themselves or they will oversee the whole production process to make sure all details of final deliveries stay true to the original design.

Samples, pictures and videos will be shared with clients continuously so they can effectively oversee the entire process.

4. Installation
Skills and experience are crucial.

Our installation team work cohesively with our artists since the design phase. They keep the overall design in mind while staying detail oriented.

For large-scale art installations, we apply all necessary safety protection measures to ensure a smooth and safe process. Our artists stay on site the entire time, providing support to ensure every detail stays true to the original design.

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